How to Measure Recurve Bow Length For The Perfect Fit

How to Measure Recurve Bow Length

The length of the recurve bow is important in enhancing performance and providing more comfort to archers. You can easily improve any bow’s accuracy and shot consistency if you have a properly sized bow. On the contrary, an improperly sized bow can lead to poor performance and discomfort. If you know how to measure recurve bow length, you can easily improve your level and accuracy. 

Without practice, you can not achieve your milestones, and no overnight success is involved. Just be patient and keep working hard; it will surely pay off one day. Without any delay, we will cover everything you need to know about measuring bow length.

Try to focus on all the factors shortlisted here to learn “how to measure bow length. The results will surely surprise you. 

How to Measure Recurve Bow Length

Measuring recurve bow length is not a difficult task. With a little concentration, you can easily do it. The easiest and most common way is by measuring the bow limb and riser length. No worries, as we will explore them in detail with you. 

How to Measure the Bow limb Length?

It is one of the most common ways to determine the length of your recurve bow. The steps involved in the process are:

  • First, place your bow on any flat surface, either on a floor or a table, so that limbs point upward.
  • Now measure the distance from the bow’s grip to the top limb’s end. While taking measurements, ensure that the measuring tape is straight and not curved. Note down the measurement and head towards the next step. 
  • Next, repeat the same process for the bottom limb and note down the measurement.
  • Add these two measurements of the top and bottom limbs. This will give you an exact idea of the total length of your bow limbs. 

The key takeaway is to measure the length of both limbs and not rely only on one. The length of both limbs will help you understand your bow’s draw length, which directly impacts your bow’s performance and accuracy.

How to Measure Riser Length?

Another way to measure recurve bow length is by measuring the riser length. Follow these easy steps to determine the length.

  • Place your bow on a flat and clean surface while the limbs are facing downwards.
  • Measure the distance from the end of the grip to the end of your bow’s riser, where it meets the limb. Just take this measurement along the centerline of the bow riser instead of along the bow limb.
  • Now repeat the measurement process for both the top and bottom limbs. Make sure you measure from the same end of the grip to the same point where the bow’s riser meets the limbs. 
  • Finally, add top and bottom limb measurements together, and you will get an idea about the length of your bow riser.

Kindly remember that measuring the bow riser length alone is not enough to get familiar with the actual length of the bow. You need to measure other lengths as well, like bow length etc. All of them together will produce the exact length of your recurve bow. 

How to Measure Bow Draw Length?

Measuring the draw length is crucial to consider accurate shots effectively. Meanwhile, if your recurve bow draw length doesn’t fit your body, you will have lots of hassle. That’s why knowing how to measure bow draw length plays a major part in measuring recurve bow length.

So, all you need is the following;

  1. First of all, get someone who can help you in the whole process with a measuring tape.
  2. Next, spread your arms wide by standing up straight.
  3. Further, get help from your helper and let him a measurement of your wingspan. Remember, the measurement should be your middle finger – fingerprints.
  4. Note the measurements you took and divide them into 2.5.

That’s it! This is how to measure bow draw length in less than a minute.

Now, Calculate Bow Length

After calculating both bow limb and riser length, you can easily calculate your bow length. Add the length of both limbs and riser together to get the exact length of your recurve bow. 

Let us explain it with the help of an example. Suppose the length of the top limb is 50 cm and the bottom limb is 48 cm, the length of the top riser is 20 cm and the length of the bottom rise to 21 cm. Now you can add 50+48+20+21, which is equal to 139 cm. This 139 cm is the actual length of your recurve bow. If you get the exact length of your bow, you can feel an improvement in shooting accuracy. 

Once you are done calculating the length of your bow. The next step is determining which bow length is suitable for you. Here, we got a bonus for you, and we will also cover this procedure in this article. We will try our best to facilitate you as much as possible. So let’s start exploring this bonus phase together. 

Which Bow Length is Perfect Fit For You?

The answer to this question is not easy, but several factors are involved in finding which size of the bow is best for you. These influencing factors are your height, arm length and your shooting plan. Below guidelines mentioned will help you to determine the best size for you.

Draw Length: Draw length is the distance between the bow grips and the rest of the arrow when you fully draw it back. A perfectly sized recurve bow has a draw length that is comfortable enough to let you shoot accurately. You can easily measure your recurve bow draw length with any draw length measuring tool or get assistance from your coach. 

Your Height: A person’s height plays an important role when choosing a perfect length for recurve bow. Generally, taller archers use longer bows, and shorter archers prefer short bows. However, your draw length and style of shooting play an anchor part in determining an ideal length for you.

Type of Shooting: The shooting almost affects 70% in selecting the best bow length for you. Suppose you are planning to go hunting or shooting from a treestand. Then it would be best to choose a shorter bow instead of a longer one. On the contrary, if you want to shoot in larger fields or participate in archery competitions, a longer bow is a perfect choice as it provides more accuracy and stability. 

These are the best ways to find the perfect length for yourself. Moreover, it is highly recommended to try many different lengths of traditional bow before making a final decision. If you have a coach, then it will help you a lot. Furthermore, don’t panic and choose the recurve bow according to your shooting planning and level of comfort.


Most people think they can shoot at any length, but it’s not true. Many beginners make this mistake, lose their confidence, and ultimately give up. Before buying any recurve bow, we recommend applying all the steps we have shared to get a perfect one for yourself. 

Now let us ask you a question: do you think your concept about how to measure recurve bow length is crystal clear after reading this article? 

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