How To Install Arrow Rest On Recurve Bow For Accurate Shots

Arrow rest is usually placed on the side of the recurve bow shaft and keeps the arrow in place for precise and accurate shooting. An arrow rest can improve your accuracy, making you feel more confident in your shooting sessions. Are you still looking for more reasons to use an arrow rest? An arrow rest assured of a straight flight of your arrow, resulting in hitting the middle of your target. 

Installing an arrow rest on a recurve bow is quite challenging. But with proper knowledge, you can do it with ease. In today’s article, we will share ways how to install arrow rest on recurve bow. Before moving forward, ensure you use quality recurve bow and arrow rest, as quality makes a huge impact.

Why Should You Install Arrow Rest On Recurve Bow?

An arrow rest is an essential component of a recurve bow. Installing an arrow rest is important for several reasons:

Improved accuracy: An arrow rest ensures that the arrow is consistently positioned in the same spot each time it is fired. That helps to improve accuracy and precision when shooting.

Reduced wear and tear: Without an arrow rest, the arrow would come into contact with the bow’s riser or shelf, causing wear and tear on both the bow and the arrow. The arrow rest helps to protect both the bow and the arrow by providing a soft and smooth surface for the arrow to rest on.

Increased stability: An arrow rest provides a stable platform for the arrow to rest on, helping to reduce vibration and other forms of instability that can affect accuracy.

Versatility: Different arrow rests suit different shooting styles and preferences. This allows archers to customize their equipment to their individual needs and preferences.

How To Install Arrow Rest On Recurve Bow

As there are many ways to do it, we will cover the two most common ways. Follow these ways to install an arrow rest on your recurve bow. Without any delay, we are going to share both ways with you.

  1. Installing a Stick on Arrow Rest
  2. Screw-In Arrow Rest Installation

Installing a Stick on Arrow Rest

These rests are much simpler to change and are utilized by archers with any skill set. Many professionals taking part in global events also prefer this way. It is easy to install and manage. Just follow the steps and see the difference. 

Step1: A Clean Table

Before beginning the installation process:

  1. Try to clean your workspace.
  2. Look for dust and dirt; if you find some, clean it properly.
  3. Remove all the unnecessary items from your table and only create room for your recurve bow.
  4. Once you are done cleaning, polish the body of the arrow’s riser.
  5. Try to find dirt or dust on the body and clean it up.

A dishwashing liquid is preferred in this scenario as it will ease your job and create a cleaner look. We recommend performing this step with full concentration and care because if you don’t do it carefully, you will face future results. 

Step2: Trimming of Arrow Rest

Trim your arrow rest if you notice that it is too long. To verify the length, the best way to do it is by placing it on the riser. In this way, you can measure the length of your arrow rest. After that, with the riser still in consideration, draw a circle around it. Now cut the arrow rest according to your required size with the help of a sharp knife.

Step3: Removal of Self-Adhesive Paper

Remove the strip ends if you notice that your arrow rest is self-adhesive. Moreover, if you want to place an arrow plate, you can do it without any issue using glue. 

Peel off the strip end if your arrow rest is still self-adhesive. Furthermore, if you want to glue an arrow plate, you can do so efficiently and simply with glue. To ensure proper adhesion between the plates, spread the adhesive evenly to both the bottom and riser of the plates.

Step4: Line the Arrow Plate with the Grip of the Bow

To ensure proper alignment, take your time with this crucial step. Align the arrow plate with the bow grip and leave a gap of 5/8 inches between the arrow and the lower part of the bow sight lens.

Step5: The Finishing Touch

To finish the installation, mount the arrow rest onto the bow by gently pressing it for a few seconds to ensure a firm connection.

Screw-In Arrow Rest Installation

Most arrow rest start sliding off after every shot due to vibration. It is not an ideal scenario if it happens while playing a tournament. To overcome this issue, manufacturers emphasize creating arrow rest with screws instead of tape. This way is much more popular among archers as there are no chances of the arrow rest falling. You can easily install it if you follow the steps we share now.

Step1: Function of the Holes

When installing an arrow rest on a recurve bow, it’s important to recognize the function of the holes in the bow’s riser. The holes here serve as the mounting points for the arrow rest, and their placement and spacing can affect the bow’s performance. First and foremost, the holes should be located in a position that allows for proper alignment with the arrow. 

Step2: Mount The Arrow Rest

Mounting the arrow rest is essential when installing an arrow rest on a recurve bow. The arrow rest is responsible for holding the arrow in place as it is drawn and released. It can greatly affect the accuracy and consistency of your shots. These holes are typically pre-drilled and are typically found near the grip. Ensure the holes are in the correct position for your shooting style, allowing for proper alignment with the arrow and bowstring.

Once you have located the holes, line up the mounting holes on the arrow and rest with those on the bow’s riser. You may need to adjust the metal bracket on the arrow rest to fit the contour of the riser. Insert the screws through the holes and tighten them with an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Be sure not to over-tighten the screws, as this can damage the bow’s riser or cause the arrow rest to shift or move.

Step3: Focus on Any Complimentary Adjustments

The appropriate spacing of 4/8 inches between the lower portion of the bow’s sight lens and the arrow should be appropriate. In this way, it will look more like a stick-on arrow rest. In the end, look for any further changes if needed. The first thing to look at is the bolt of the riser, as it shouldn’t be over-tightened or loosened. 

Test Your Arrow Rest

Now after setting up your arrow rest, it’s the right time to shoot a group of arrows to verify the fine-tuning of your arrow rest. If your arrow is flying higher than your target, move your nocking point upwards on the bowstring. 

On the contrary, if your arrow is flying below your target, then move your nocking point down as it happened because of the high nocking point. There is no need to make future adjustments with the arrow rest; instead, make all your required adjustments on the nocking point.


The abovementioned ways are the most popular to help you install arrow rest on a recurve bow. If you follow them properly, you can easily do it without any trouble. Doing it with proper care and attention is recommended to get desired results. After reading this article, we hope you have much knowledge about installing arrow rest on recurve bow. Furthermore, if you need any guidance, then you can reach out!

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