Can You Hunt With a Recurve Bow? – The Ultimate Guide

Can You Hunt With a Recurve Bow

Recurve bows are more traditional and used for bowhunting and recreational shooting. Many archers use this bow because it requires less power from them and generates more powerful shots. They produce less noise than other bows and are much more accurate and precise. But, when it comes to hunting; you would never prefer to go for a random bow. That’s why your concern for whether you can hunt with a recurve bow really matters.

So, in today’s guide we are going to share with you whether you can really hunt with a recurve bow or not. And if yes, then what size is a perfect fit and why do we consider recurve bows rather than the long or any other type of bow. Let’s find them together.

Can You Hunt With a Recurve Bow

Yes, you can hunt with a recurve bow, as these are best for shooting and Hunting. Many archers have been using these bows for hunting for thousands of years. Recurves are another type of traditional bow that is typically shorter and more powerful than longbows. 

This masterpiece will work out for you if you are a skilled archer who can hit your target more accurately. Hunting with recurve bows is always challenging but more fruitful than other modern bows.

Though, there are different sizes available in the market which also influence the decision of whether you can hunt with a recurve bow or not. Among all, we recommend trying a recurve bow with 40lb or equal draw weight to get a successful hunt at every try. However, if you’re planning to hunt a bigger animal than deer or wild turkey then getting a recurve bow up to 45 lb or higher draw weight is your ultimate need. 

So, yes you can hunt with a recurve bow but your choice for the size also matters. Among different sizes we would strongly discourage a 30 lb recurve bow as it wouldn’t be worth it and you would find difficulty to hit the target.

6 Reasons – Why Recurve Bows Are Good For Hunting

Recurve bows are good for hunting for many reasons, and we will share a few of them with you.

  1. Portability

The top advantage of using recurve bow for Hunting is portability. They are usually more compact and lightweight than compound bows, making them easier to carry and transport. Using recurve bows while hunting, a hunter can easily move through any obstacle without any hurdles. It plays an important role when trying to hide from animals while shooting. The compact size makes it a lot easier to store and transport.

Additionally, the lightweight design of your recurve bow can reduce fatigue and stress on muscles during a long duration of hunting games. You can easily hit at longer distances with a good swing using these bows. Another advantage of the portability of recurve bow is that you can easily assemble and reassemble it. This makes it a good choice for hunters who move more frequently from one location to another. 

In short, the portability of a recurve bow makes it a good choice for hunters who value mobility and versatility in their equipment. Whether playing in dense forests or open field conditions, a recurve bow can help provide the manoeuvrability and flexibility needed for a perfect hunt. 

  1. Simplicity

Another advantage of using a recurve is its simplicity, as it has a straightforward design with no moving parts or complex mechanisms. So you can easily use and maintain it in any field. The simplicity of a recurve bow is more beneficial for hunters who want to make more adjustments during Hunting, unlike crossbows or compound bows with more complex mechanisms and designs. 

You can easily fix recurves with basic tools and equipment without any additional tools. In addition, with the help of this simple feature, a hunter can easily focus on their technique and shooting form. As no difficult settings are involved, they should only focus on their skills and work on improving their accuracy. 

This simple feature makes them the best choice for hunters just getting started or planning to start their journey in archers with less budget. In general, it has a significant advantage for hunters who prioritise reliability, affordability, and ease of maintenance. 

  1. Quietness

In hunting scenarios, it is important to use a weapon that makes less noise, not to let your target be aware of you. As we all know, recurve bows do not have any mechanical parts or complex mechanisms that generate noise. That’s the reason why most hunters love it. 

The bow’s design is simple, consisting of a bowstring, limbs, and a riser. Moreover, the quietness of recurve bow also depends on the hunter’s skill and technique. A skilled hunter can control their movements and hold their breath to reduce any unnecessary noise when they are about to shoot the bow. Hunters are recommended to practise stalking and aiming techniques to improve their skills.

On the other hand, recurve bows also offer a quick draw time, which is essential when hunting fast-moving targets like deer or rabbits. They are also reliable in extreme weather conditions, unlike other casual bows. For a successful hunt, it is important to have a bow that makes less noise.

  1. Cost

Cost plays an important role when choosing a recurve bow for Hunting. Compared to compound and other modern equipment, recurves are often less expensive. The most common reason for their lower cost is a simpler design. As they have fewer movable parts than other bows, manufacturing and production costs are less. 

This means a newbie or professional hunter can purchase a high-quality recurve bow for a fraction of the cost of comparable modern bows. As these bows have a history, many manufacturers and suppliers produce and sell recurves. This competitive market can drive down prices and provide hunters with a wide range of options. It allows hunters to start the sport without investing much money in equipment.

On the contrary, for more experienced hunters, the low cost of a recurve bow can provide an opportunity to try out a new hunting bow. Moreover, they can buy a new bow for practicing, and if it fits in, they can use it in any competition. In short, hunters can buy a backup bow because of its low cost. A backup bow is a plus in case your primary bow breaks in the field, so you can continue hunting without any problem. 

  1. Versatility 

The biggest advantage of recurve bows is that they can be used to hunt a wide range of species, from small game like rabbits to a large game like deer and elk. This versatility is all because of its design. The curved limbs of a recurve bow provide more power and speed than a bow with straight limbs, which makes them a premium pick for taking down larger targets. You can use them in various hunting conditions such as stand, still, or stalking. 

Stand Hunting involves waiting in a stationary position for your game. While still, Hunting involves moving quietly and slowly through the woods to find your target. Stalking involves moving stealthily to get within range of an animal before taking a shot. Recurve bows can easily be used in all of these hunting scenarios. 

Its versatility is not limited to hunting techniques only. These bows are compatible with different arrow types, including traditional wooden, aluminum, and carbon arrows. Try the arrows for practice and choose the one that suits your hunting needs and preferences. Furthermore, they can be used in a variety of hunting competitions. 

  1. Ethical Considerations

Recurves offer a more ethical hunting experience for several reasons, and we will share each of them with you. 

  • First, recurve bows require hunters to get closer to their target to take a shot. This shows that a hunter must be more skilled in stalking and tracking games which ultimately helps them to get familiar with the environment and the target they are hunting. As these bows have a shorter but more effective range than other hunting weapons, hunters must be more patient and selective in their shots. They can easily improve their accuracy and success ratio by applying this strategy. 
  • Secondly, recurve bows provide a more traditional and easy hunting experience. There is a history behind recurve bows. They have been used for thousands of years in Hunting and warfare, and their use can help hunters to get some knowledge about the tradition and history of this sport. 
  • Thirdly, recurve bows can provide a more humane hunting experience. As far as we know, recurve bows do not have the same level of power and velocity as some other Hunting weapons, which can help prevent unnecessary suffering. Moreover, as recurve bows do not use mechanical components, there is less risk of causing damage to non-target things. 


We have discussed six major reasons why recurve bows are good for Hunting. All these reasons collectively make it the best choice for hunters to use for Hunting. Now, if someone says can you hunt with a recurve bow? Without thinking twice, give them these six reasons and perfect size a hunting recurve bow.

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