3 Best Recurve Bow for Hunting (Beginner to Expert Level)

Hunting is an art; you need to be an artist to perform this skill professionally. An artist needs good tools to create wonderful art, so you must buy the best recurve bow to hunt like a pro. As a Hunter, you always look for the best recurve bow for hunting to start your journey.

Hunting is not like icing on the cake, but when you have the right gears and technique. You are going to nail it. There are too many recurve choices available in the market, but all of them have some strengths and weaknesses. Buy a right bow —keep practicing, and you will surely be rewarded. 

Top 3 Recurve Bows for Hunting

Sometimes you see a bow and start assuming that the bow you just noticed or saw is the one you need, but that is not the reality. Before buying a bow, get details about that specific recurve you have decided to buy. Compare it with other brands in the same price segment and their pros and cons. 

It may be a difficult task for you, but fortunately, this is the right strategy rather than cherry-picking. As you have decided to buy a recurve bow for yourself, let us have all the pleasure of helping you find the best one. We have written this article and covered the few best recurve bows for hunting available in the market right now.

Now, without any further delay, let’s dive deep into it.

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown (For all ages)

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown

Spyder takedown is best for beginners as it falls under a low-price segment with total weight. In the beginning, you can start practicing at a low draw weight, keep practicing, and work your way up as you gain more experience. 

Additionally, you get a bow stringer to string and unstring your bow without any injury. The weight of the Spyder takedown recurve bow is on the lighter side, so it’s a plus — easy to hold for beginners.

It is made from dymondwood, white oak, and padouk. The build quality of the spyder is unmatchable and comes in two AMO (Archer Manufacturers Organization) lengths, i.e., 62 and 64 inches.

Key Features:

  • It is made with naturally sourced wood, the design is quite good, and the bow is lightweight and accurate.
  • Providing multiple draw weights ranging from 20 lb to 60 lb with increments of 5lb.
  • Pre-installed threaded bushings for upgradation/installation of extra accessories like stabilizers, quivers and rest, etc.
  • Fast flight of arrows because of the reinforced limb tips of the bow. 
  • Switch-out limbs(change limbs) feature due to the takedown aspect of this recurve bow. 
  • Limbs are made from hard maple — wrapped in fiberglass.


  • Amazing build quality
  • Different draw weights range
  • It can be used by either kids or youngsters 
  • 1 year United states bases warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable grip
  • Good price segment
  • Available for both right and left-handers


  • Allen keys required

Samick Sage Archery Takedown (beginners to experts)

Samick Sage Archery Takedown

Samick sage takedown is a go-to recurve for beginners as it is ready to shoot kind of bow. Amazing quality construction and easy to operate for beginners. We, as a professional, use this bow for practicing —it is also good for this purpose.

Samick Sage Takedown is used for hunting or 3D archery because of its good performance. It has a medium-low wrist group, giving a nice shot angle, and you will find it more comfortable. The best feature of sage is its latest technology reduces the vibration once you shoot an arrow. 

Key Features

  • The size of this recurve bow is 62″ inches with a draw weight length of 28″ inches, whereas you can choose between a range of 25-60 lb draw weights.
  • Fiberglass laminated limbs to keep it on a lighter side and to maintain accuracy. 
  • Arrow rest to place your arrow when you are about to shoot. 
  • Limbs are interchangeable, so you can easily change them whenever you want.
  • Pre Installed threaded brass bushings for multiple attachments or upgrades, like a stabilizer, sight, quiver, or brass plunger.
  • Risers are made with lightweight maple wood and comprehensively comfortable ergonomic grip — easy to hold.


  • Decent price segment
  • Unique classical look
  • The hard maple riser is durable
  • Larger draw-weight range
  • Toll-Free takedown
  • Limbs are upgradable


  • The grip material is compromised

Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown (beginners to  intermediates)

Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown - best recurve bow for hunting

This bow is more on the traditional side than a modern takedown recurve. Tigershark takedown is a single-piece 60″ inches recurve bow sight. The sight is simple and elegant, and it is available in 60″ inch length, with 25 to 60 pounds of draw weights. 

Best for beginners or intermediate archers. Contains a stringer tool to string and unstring the bow without any issue. It is made from 4 different naturally sourced woods: dymondwood, Whiteoak, tigerwood, and padouk.

Fast flight string as it has reinforced limb tips. Tigershark comes with a pre-installed shelf pad. 

Key Features

  • The bow comes with a draw weights range of 20 to 60 lbs with an increment of 5 lb.
  • It has pre-installed threaded bushings 
  • A riser with an amazing grip
  • An optional stringer tool to string and unstring your bow string.
  • Thermostatic grips to absorb sweat in your hand


  • A large range of draw weights
  • Amazing and easy-to-use design
  • Thermostatic grip
  • Takedown is easy
  • 1 Year manufacturer and USA-based customer service


  • Allen keys are required for takedown


What is the minimum draw weight for a recurve bow for hunting?

Usually, 40 Pounds is considered a minimum draw weight for a recurve bow for hunting animals like deer and elk. You can even go with 30 or 35 lbs for hunting, like rabbit and turkey. 

What is the speed of a 40 lb recurve bow?

When you release the string, the nock attaches to the string, and those 40 lbs are set free. Any guesses why it happened? The string launches the arrow we used in the forward direction and transfers the energy from the string to the arrow, which travels at a speed of around 230-240 fps.

Is it really hard to hunt from a recurve bow?

Recurve bows are easier to shoot and are much more accurate than compound bows, which usually use cams to store energy. Recurve bows are slightly difficult to master— once you have got it down, you can use it effectively for hunting almost any animal.

How long should you be able to hold a recurve bow at a full draw?

Muscle fatigue damages one’s ability to hold a bow steady while shooting. To avoid this, many experts suggested that your shot process must be completed within 6-8 seconds from the time you draw your recurve bow.

Overall Best Recurve Bow for Hunting

We are trying our best to fetch the top 3 recurve bows for you. The three mentioned above are budget-friendly, lightweight, and beginner’s friendly. You have 3 options available, so it’s easier for you now to choose the one, more precisely, the right one for yourself.

  • As an archer, if you ask us which bow is the best recurve bow for hunting, we choose Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown because it is good for beginners, lightweight, budget-friendly, and has different draw weight ranges.

The choice didn’t end here. You can go with anyone you like, but for a better experience, you can go with the one we recommend. Still, trying to understand? Do not hesitate to write back; we are ready to help you. 

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