Top 3 Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

Ready to start shooting with precision and accuracy? It might be a chance —you are looking for a recurve bow for beginners to kick off your journey. There are a few things to notice before buying a recurve and here in today’s guide we would save you from this hassle with our top picks.

In this article, we will cover a few amazing recurves for beginners — and they are budget-friendly too. Choosing a bow from a bulk of options is not easy for everyone, but if you have 3 or 4 options. Then things get much easier for you. As you are about to start your journey as a shooter, here’s a small gift from our side as we will share a few best beginner recurves that will surely create an ease in your decision. 

Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

Before we begin, let us get you familiar with recurve bows first. Recurve bows usually consist of a riser and two limbs —curve forward at the tips and toward the pointed target. When it comes to power, these are much more powerful than long bows and deliver more energy. 

The best recurve bows for beginners are ones that are lightweight, easy to carry and maintain, and made from fiberglass, traditional wood, and aluminum. Now, the foundation is all set, and you are familiar with recurves and how they work. Without any further delay, let’s start the article and discuss different beginner’s recurve bows. 

Samick Sage Archery Takedown – Best Deal

Samick Sage Archery Takedown

Samick Sage is known as one of the most amazing beginner-friendly bows. It is of top quality and provides multiple draw weights. Samick Sage archery is an ergonomic bow that offers easy customization functionality. Several holes in the riser allow you to attach bow sights, stabilizer, or arrow rest —the one you like.

The weight of this bow is around 3.40 lbs, which is lightweight compared to the other options. It only gets heavier once you start adding more attachments — and it’s obvious. The length of this amazing bow is 62 inches with different draw weights from 25 lbs to 60 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Pre-installed threaded brass bushing for different upgrades and attachments, such as stabilizer, quiver, sight, and brass plunger.
  • Risers are designed from lightweight maple wood to keep this bow lightweight.
  • A comfortable ergonomic grip to hold it in your hands easily without any stress to your hands. 
  • As the length of this sight is around 62 inches, you are expected to get a draw length of 29″ inches. 
  • Limbs can be takedown easily, so it is easy to carry them wherever you want.
  • Limbs are made from high-quality fiberglass, and they are lightweight and durable.


  • Multiple draw weights options.
  • Easy takedown 
  • Reinforced limb tips for upgrading strings
  • Maple wood riser — for a comfortable grip
  • Easy to transport (portable)
  • Easy to install and use.
  • It is both left and right-handed.


  • Bowstring quality is not up to the mark

Southwest Archery Spyder XL – Runner Up

Southwest Archery Spyder XL - Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

The Southwest archery spyder XL is much similar to the simple southwest archery spyder, but the size and draw length are the actual difference. It has a good wooden riser with a molded grip to hold it easily and manage weight. Reinforced limb tips for adding or upgrading accessories. Limbs can be takedown easily and quickly.

It is one of the best longest beginner bows as its length is around 64 inches — and it is somehow a better option for tall archers. Taller archers have a draw length of 29″ inches or more, so the shorter bows are ineffective. The beginner’s bows are manufactured in a lower draw weight range, but the initial draw weight of this bow is around 25-30 lbs. 

Key Features

  • It is made from four different naturally sourced wood for a perfect finish and maintained weight. 
  • Having a decent draw weight range from 25 – 55 lbs
  • Pre-installed threaded bushings for various accessories upgrades, like, sights, mechanical rests, quiver, and bow fishing reels. 
  • Reinforced limb tips for a fast flight of arrows
  • An optional stringer tool to string and unstring a bow stringer easily without hurting yourself. 


  • Best for tall archers
  • Decent range of draw weights
  • Made with a wooden riser to maintain a comfortable grip
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Upgradation is quite easy
  • Pre-installed threaded bushings 
  • Stringer tool included
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Quite big for normal-height archers

PSE ARCHERY Pro Max Takedown – Best Overall

PSE ARCHERY Pro Max Takedown

PSE Archery Takedown recurve is used for multiple purposes like hunting or other fun activities. It is made from premium quality material; hence it is durable. They have broken it down into three pieces, making it easy to carry and port. Pro max takedown has different draw weights and bow lengths.

Choosing a perfect bow according to your skill and physique gets easier now. If we call it a complete package, everything is fine, including an armed guard, best-quality carbon arrows, adjustable sight, a stringer, hip quiver, and finger saver (for finger safety). When it comes to a premium recurve bow for a beginner, PSE Takedown is the best option. 

Key Features

  • A decent 62″ inches long hunting bow is good for entry-level shooters or youngsters aged 11 and above.
  • The initial draw weight is 25 lbs which is quite a good number for beginners to start practicing in the backyard.
  • For shooting at longer distances or in 3D Archery, it comes up with carbon arrows.
  • Adjustable sight — easy to adjust for different ranges.
  • Stringer to assemble and disassemble bow stringer easily.


  • It contains all the elements/gears you need as a beginner 
  • Premium build — so it is durable
  • For both right and left-handers
  • Amazing portability with a three-piece takedown design
  • Shoot at longer distances 


  • A little expensive


How much should a beginner spend on his first recurve bow?

Recurve bows are simple mechanically wise, so they do not cost much to produce. But we suggest you stay safe and buy a cheaper option. Anything below $60 is not considered a good recurve bow. You need to spend around $100 to $200 as a beginner on your high-end, good-quality recurve.

How far a 25 lb recurve bow can shoot?

We have observed that a draw weight of 25 or 30 lbs is more than just enough for recreational target practice. If you are the guy who is in form and has the aim to hit the target, you can successfully hit any target from 60 or 70 yards away with the draw weight we discussed. 

Why are recurve bows more powerful?

The aerodynamic style of recurve allows the arrow to travel at greater distances and accuracy without getting affected by wind. Recurve bow is a traditional bow with an arch or curve shape. It is the same as a longbow — because its design has a recurve, making it more efficient and powerful.

What Do We Recommend?

We always discourage cherry-picking procedures, as you are out of the frame with one wrong selection. Be a wiser guy and make wise decisions because the decision you make today will create an impact on your tomorrow. So if we bring ourselves to your position and someone asks us which is the best recurve bow for beginners. Our answer will be clear and loud as: 

  • PSE ARCHERY Pro Max Takedown is undoubtedly a bit costly, but it is a good value for money as it is a complete package.

So here you get our pick. But imagine if someone asks the same question, then what your reply to this question is? Write it in the comment section and let us know about your answer.

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